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Městské informační centrum Liberec
Pension/Appartement/ Rokytka in Krystofovo Údolí

Contact information:

Pension Rokytka

Kryštofovo Údolí 64
46001 Kryštofovo Údolí
Česká Republica


+420 606 851 011

Ski areals

Skicenter Ještěd
Famous ski centre (sea level 540-1000 m) on the
northeastern slopes of the Ještěd mountain and Černý hill.
Transport by car or city bus. 4 parking areas !! Parking by
the ski area FREE OF CHARGE !! The highest point (1012 m)
of the Ještěd ridge, tourist destination already in the 19th
century. The cableway leads to the top of mountain. The
prasent multi-use tower in the shape of a rotating hyperboloid,
designed by architect Karel Hubáček, was awarded the Perret
Prize. It replaced older buiding. There is many ski slopes with pistes,
ski tows and ski jumps.

Equipment and services

New traffic facilities (1x cable railway, 2x NEW 4-chair lift,
1x NEW 2-chair lift, 5x NEW ski lift), perfect service and great access!

11 down courses with total length: 13 Km – courses in the area are
fastidious, middle and easy. There are also slopes suitable for
children and beginners teaching!! Modern snow covering technology
covers 98% of all courses – we guarantee perfect snow covering.
Regulary before day and evening skiing we prepare all
downhill courses.

Ski equipment rental, VIP SKI SHOP, Ski school JEŠTĚD, Test center, refreshment.

Ski tows and downhill routes

Lift/Funicular:                   Length:                        Capacity:    
 Cable railway Ještěd     1180 m       1050 Pers./hour     
 Chair-lift Černý vrch      1080 m       2007 Pers./hour     
 Chair-lift Skalka           1480 m       2400 Pers./hour     
 Chair-lift Nové Pláně     618 m         1188 Pers./hour     
 F10 Pod lany                385 m        1200 Pers./hour     
 Bucharka                     170 m         655 Pers./hour     
 Na hřeben                    450 m        1200 Pers./hour     
 Staré Pláně                  290 m        1200 Pers./hour     

Downhill:                                Length:          Exceeding: 
 F10 Pod lany - Ještědka   400 m        100 m     
 Pod lany – Ještědka II     500 m        280 m     
 Slalom downhill route       1000 m      280 m     
 Liberecká A                     2000 m      320 m     
 Liberecká B                     400 m         -     
 Liberecká C                     450 m          -     
 Nové Pláně                     1000 m       150 m     
 Staré Pláně                     400 m        150 m     
 Turistická                        2200 m      250 m     
 Ski school                       120 m         -     
 Bucharka                        200 m        30 m     

Cross-country skiing lines

Two nongroomed cross-counrty skiing tracks with lenght 8 km.
Cross-country stadium Vesec.

Working hours

8:30 - 16:30 + night skiing 18:00-21:00

Skicentre Obří sud Javorník
Small modern ski center on the eastern slopes of the Ještěd
mountain. ideal center for beginners and families with children.
Parking at the ski center is free of charge. There is also a bobsleigh run
(summer and winter) , children’s playground, ski school,
ski and snowboard rental and a restaurant.

Four-seater chairlift with carriages fixed tightly on a continuous rope.
Transport maximum speed with skiers in winter 2.6m/s in summer
1.5 m/s.The chairlift is equipped with a starting belt to make
seating with skis on one’s legs convenient, with a safety triangle
preventing children from falling from under the barrier.

The rope ski lift for kids at the length of 80 m is equipped with
all safety elements.
A gentle training piste leads to the ski lift enclosed with a safety fence.

The run is 1,100 m long with one spiral of 13 big curves and
with many other small curves and artificial waves.
Its own lift ensures transportation to the upper station
at the length of 550 m and the difference

in elevation of 80.5 m. The continuous operation of the run
is ensured by 39 bobsleighs equipped with a centrifugal brake
which allows the maximum speed of 45 km/h, at the arrival station they
are fully automatically braked. Each bobsleigh has two seats
provided with a back and a safety belt.


Skicentre Bedřichov
Is thanks its location near Liberec and Jablonec nad Nisou one of the
most important ski centres in Jizera mountains. Transport by bus
from Liberec or by city-bus from Jablonec nad Nisou. Large
parking place in the centre of Bedřichov. Distance -
from Liberec 10km, from Jablonec nad Nisou 12km.

Equipment and services

Ideal terrain for downhill and cross-country skiing. In the centre
there are 8 ski lifts with total capacity 5520 persons per hour and
downhill routes in total length 5,93 km. Convenient for beginners
and advanced skiers. High-quality tracks that are treated daily
with real and artificial snow. Every day is night skiing on routes
Malinovka. Many snack-bars, restaurants, and other
services. Ski rental shops and ski school.

Ski tows and downhill routes
Lift/Funicular:                      Length:         Capacity:    
Malinovka - poma                527 m     700 Pers./hour     
Malinovka - kotva                485 m     810 Pers./hour     
Malinovka - children´s ski lift 153 m     430 Pers./hour     
Klindera                              280 m     430 Pers./hour     
Liaz                                    307 m     550 Pers./hour     
Pastviny I                            496 m     900 Pers./hour     
Pastviny II                           496 m     900 Pers./hour     
Ještěd - kotva                      394 m     800 Pers./hour     

Downhill:           Length:       Exceeding:    
Malinovka 1        520 m      101 m     
Malinovka 1b       560 m     101 m     
Malinovka 2a       510 m     100 m     
Malinovka 2b       550 m     100 m     
Pastviny 1           530 m     72 m     
Pastviny 2           530 m     72 m     
Ještěd                450 m     74 m     
Liaz                    350 m     84 m     
Klindera              300 m     80 m     

Cross-country skiing lines

Bedřichov is one of the starting points of Jizerská magistrála (total lenght
of cross-country skiing tracks is about 90km) with daily maintained
skiing tracks. The difficulty and lenght of tracks is selectable.

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